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Frequently Asked Questions

When you create an account, you’ll see two different screens:

Registration: This screen appears when you’re creating a new account or reregistering your existing account. To confirm that you own the phone number, you’ll be prompted to enter a 6-digit registration code sent to you via SMS or phone call. Verifying your phone number with a registration code is the only way you can activate your account, and you must be able to receive the code on your phone.

Two-step verification: This screen appears after you successfully register your phone number. Two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your account. When enabling this feature, you create and confirm a unique PIN that’s required to access your account. The two-step verification PIN is different from the 6-digit registration code you receive via SMS or phone call.

We provide support for and recommend using the following devices:

  • Android running OS 4.0.3 and newer
  • iPhone running iOS 10 and newer

You can easily update the app from your phone’s application store. We encourage you to always use the latest version of the app, as the latest versions contain the newest features and bug fixes.


Find the app in the Google Play Store, then tap Update.


Find the WhatsApp Business app in the Apple App Store, then tap UPDATE.

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Saving time and energy

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Streamlining vital intel

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Going green

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