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The Digidex app provides the final digital link to fully integrate your sales funnel efforts in simple and smoothly streamlined fashion.

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Digidex is an on-demand, fully digital instant business networking app intent on changing the business card game by appealing to paperless by offering a fully digital business card system with seamless integration with all relevant CRM systems.

To achieve a full digital switch the following conditions are needed:

  • Almost everyone has to have a smart phone or device.

  • People need to be comfortable downloading and using apps.

  • Full integration and synchronization of apps and platforms is essential


We are in the era where these conditions are prevalent and improving fast, making the time ripe to elevate the business card; Scan. Connect. Score!

63% of people throw away a business card immediately if they do not need a specific at that exact moment

Only 9% of people add business card info into a digital list

88% of freshly received business cards get thrown out almost instantly after parting ways with potential new contacts

A gradually declining 18% of people still exchange business cards when meeting new contacts.


Saving time and energy

A whopping 88% of business cards is thrown out in less than a week. Additionally 63% of people throw away a business card immediately if they do not need a specific contact at that exact moment. That’s an undeniable waste of opportunities. Trends also show that a gradually declining 18% of people still exchange business cards when meeting new contacts.

Currently the circumstances are ideal for a paradigm shift to paperless business cards. Close to 50% of the global population has a smartphone, where these numbers for the business populace is in the 95% range. The majority is comfortable using apps and the extent of platform compatibility and synchronization makes a digital business card like Digidex the final piece for a completely effortless CRM

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Streamlining vital intel

35% of people store their contacts “somewhere on their phone” and only 9% actually digitalizes business card information. This implicates a scattered approach, which introduces the likelihood of missed opportunities for business. Introducing an entry point like Digidex instantly organizes vital information, assigns them to the right team members and enables a direct flow to any relevant CRM system. A truly digital sales funnel will be a multifold more effective as compared to the paper business card as initial lead.

QR codes are rising fast as already 50% of companies already use them as some component of their marketing outings. Every smartphone’s camera is already able to instantly recognize and read QR codes they come across, taking away the need for complicated installations or upgrades for this to instantly work.

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Digital Paradigm Shift

In the US alone, 27.4 million business cards are printed daily. Daily! That amounts 10 billion by the time the year ends. Side-by-side they would amount to 900.000 kilometers, or 3 trips from here to the moon! They would weigh 10.000.000 kilograms, or 1 Eiffel tower, of which 88% gets thrown out. That’s crazy.

In these times of environmental fragility and the actual necessity to cut down on waste for the survival of humankind a switch to a digital business card is just one of those small but effective moves in battling overconsumption and saving the world! Add to that how the recent COVID19 Pandemic has made us all rethink social interactions and paperless, contact-free business cards start to make so much sense.

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Safe Sales Funnel Entry Point

Digidex bridges the gap that exists between the moment of receiving a business card and consolidating the essential information on it into a potential lead through a CRM or simple sales funnel. It is immediately digital, traceable and accompanied by added notes while it can be assigned to the right colleague immediately. This enables an instant sales funnel entry the moment contact is made. You basically scan, connect, score!

Do your business digistyle

Save Time And Energy

Saving time and energy

Streamlining Vital Information

Streamlining vital intel

Going Green

Going green

Avoid Physical Contact

Social distance



As a frequent delegate at business events all over the world, Digidex is a seriously efficient and easy to use tool to keep track of contacts and the potential business tied to them

Irving Davelaar
IBI Group

In my line of work I meet a lot of people with relevant propositions and valuable networks. Having Digidex as pocket CRM and digital business card has made managing that part of my job a lot more pleasant

Yuri Ouweneel

I love not having large stacks of business cards after every trip anymore. All Digileads are directly accesible and actionable and log 100% efficiency in terms of processing them and grasping the opportunities that present themselves in the process

Wouter van Reenen

The digital business profile explained

Only 18% of people still exchange paper business cards and only 9% of people actually add business card info into a digital list or tool. See how to capture all your new contacts, instantly

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