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Our Mission

The industry 4.0 world we currently live in is classified by numerous well-known characteristics: exponential business growth, technologically savvy consumers, inter-connectedness and never-ending business opportunities.

At Digidex we strive to modernize, de-carboinze and future proof the latent part of the sales process: Prospects-to-Leads. A seemingly small step, but a significant one!


Business networking, Digistyle.


Our Vision

The founders of Digidex, having been a part of the international business and sales grind for 15+ years, envision a world where the sales funnel is streamlined from the moment a new contact is made (a prospect in the awareness phase) to the conclusion of a business deal (the decision phase). Gone are the days of:

  • Printing out and/or updating business cards
  • Tedious and unnecessary administrative burdens of re-capturing business cards in CRM systems
  • Hauling kilos of marketing material & brochures across countries to place at exhibitions and networking events
  • Shuffling through stacks of business cards of the 200+ people you met (and probably forgot) at an event
  • Consolidating prospects and leads after the fact for reporting to your Sales Manager

The Digidex app provides in all-in-one platform from the convenience of your mobile device. Enabling a capture-at-source digital sharing of contact details, company profile and business marketing materials. Allowing you to spend quality time nurturing prospects and increasing that critical conversion rate. Or as we like to say: Scan.Connect.Score!


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