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Digidex provides the missing digital link to paperless, end-to-end sales funnel management and optimization. Seamless integration with all relevant CRM systems ensures business card info will be utilized instantly. With a thumb-swipe you scan, connect, score!

Sales Funnel Entry Point

Introducing an entry point like digidex instantly organizes vital information, assigns them to the right team members and enables a direct flow to any relevant CRM system. A truly digital sales funnel will be a multifold more effective as compared to the paper business card as initial lead.


Featured Integrations

Logo Apple Ios

Running smoothly on iOS and easily integrated with its app suite

Logo Gsuite

Connect and transfer your contacts form the Digidex app immediately to G Suite

Logo Office 365

Fully compatible with Office 365 and its relevant programs

Connect with vital contacts instantly
without the administrative hassle that normal sales funnels demand

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